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Livestock Guardian Dogs


On SweetHaven, the safety of our animals is of the utmost importance and we take protecting them very seriously.

In our area, we have lots of coyotes and foxes, hawks and ravens; there's potential for wolves and all of them endanger our herd.

We installed high tensile, electric wire fencing around all of our pastures, we bring the animals in at night and close them up in the barn, we employ lights around the buildings as well as utilize llama guards with the sheep/goats.

But the most important member of our farm animal security are the Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs).

We raise Great Pyrenees and Maremma dogs; and these giant, white fluff balls are amazing animals. When raised with the livestock they develop a natural instinct to guard their herd. 


These dogs aren't pets, but working dogs and nothing distracts them from their job; they patrol their territory, they bark and chase off anything they view as a threat. To see multiple dogs work as a team is a thing of beauty, some dogs staying with the flock while others chase after the predators.

We can sleep at night, secure in the fact that our animals are safe in the care of these amazing dogs, and even though they would give their lives for their herd and ferociously attack a pack of coyotes or chase a bear up a tree, they'll still run up to us for snuggles and belly rubs.

Check our FOR SALE page or contact us to inquire if we have any of these amazing dogs available.

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