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--- It All Started With Three Goats.---

 Dairy Goat Breeds:

Alpine - This breed of goat originated in the French Alps (We call them "Mountain Goats" and they truly live up to that name.) They are a medium-large size, with horns, errect ears and come in many different colours. Alpines are very heavy milkers, they are friendly and curious but can also be stubborn and strong-willed.

Lamancha- Is the only breed of dairy goat developed in North America and they are probably the most distinctive, sporting their very tiny ears. They are known for their large milk production with high butterfat content and their people-loving temperament. They have horns and come in a variety of colours.


 Saanen- Is probably the most popular breed of dairy goat, originating from Switzerland  and is the largest of the Swiss breeds. They have white coats, horns and have the highest milk production.


 Toggenburg- Is another Swiss breed of dairy goat and another mighty milk maker, distributed worldwide. They have horns and range from dark brown to mousy grey coats with white markings on their face and ears.

Commercial Crosses and Purebreds.

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