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 Family-Owned Farm

Welcome to SweetHaven Farm!

My name is Rebecca. In 2018, my parents, my husband and I, and our three children moved from Victoria, BC to Smith Falls, Ontario and bought our dream farm.


A few years ago my husband and I had just moved our family off of our 40 foot sailboat (SV SweetHaven of course) that we had been living on for 3 years in and around The Puget Sound and Vancouver Island.

Our growing children had 'out-grown' our sailboat home so we transitioned off the boat and rented my parents basement apartment so we could decide where we were going next.

Both my Dad and my husband are in the Royal Canadian Navy and our short pit-stop at my parents turned into two years and we discovered how important family is to us, to our values and how we want to raise our children.

In 2018, we were all faced with a decision to make as my Dad was retiring and it was time for my husband to be posted to a new location. After 35 years of military life, moving every few years, we dreamed of living on a farm, putting down roots, raising our own food, creating a home base for our children, and living a sustainable life.

My husband put in for a transfer to Ottawa and with my parents we found our little piece of paradise on 100 acres in Lanark County right on the Rideau River.

Free Range, Pesticide Free, Heritage Seeds/Breeds, Home Grown

 We all want the best for our families and

we are pleased to be able to offer the best, all natural, free range, homegrown products.

From our family, to yours.

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