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what makes goat    milk soap so special?

Soap. It makes us clean... but it can do so much more than that!

We at SweetHaven Farm think soap should do more than just cleanse. It should moisturize, nourish, replenish, rejuvenate and keep your skin healthy.

Traditional soaps are made via a process called saponification, which is adding water,  fats and oils to lye, which is heated and creates the action of saponification.

We use something called 'cold process' soap making wherein we use our home raised raw goats milk instead of water and we don't heat our mixtures but let the lye take its natural reaction and come to trace (the action of the soap solidifying) on its own.

After 24 hours the soap is un-moulded, cut and set aside to cure for 6 weeks. 'Cold process' takes a lot more time to age than traditional 'hot process' soap making, where soap is ready for use right away, but we feel the results are well worth the wait.

Most soaps contain harsh chemicals which do a great job of stripping your skin of dirt but also strips away the natural moisture and fats on your skin.

GOAT MILK SOAP has high amounts of fat which aid in gentle removal of dirt but maintains your skins natural fatty acids.

GOAT MILK SOAP is also high in fatty acids, vitamin A and a mineral called selenium, all shown to support healthy skin and aid in anti-aging. Whereas a lack of these ingredients can cause loss of skins natural membrane and lead to dry and irritated skin.

GOAT MILK SOAP is also known to improve certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, using a fat-rich soap such as goats milk can replenish the skin and restore and re-hydrate the lipid barrier.

GOAT MILK SOAP contains lactic acid which is a naturally occurring Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) used in the treatment of scars, age spots, hyper pigmentation, etc... which makes it an excellent option for those with sensitive skin.

GOAT MILK SOAP contains probiotics like lactobacillus, which is shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and aid in the production of lactic acid which is also proven to gently exfoliate and aid in the treatment of acne.

We at SweetHaven Farm are dedicated to producing soap from the most natural, wholesome and healthful ingredients.

We raise dairy breed goats (Alpine, Toggenburg, Saanen, La Mancha) who spend their days munching away on our organic pastures, come in to the barn for safety while sleeping at night and get hand milked every morning. 

All our goats are healthy, happy, antibiotic and hormone free!

Along with our amazing goats milk, our soaps are made up of only two other ingredients, oils and lye.

All soaps require the use of lye (Sodium Hydroxide) which activates the soap making process and we source only the best quality of fats, a combination of coconut oil, olive oil and lard, creating a creamy lather which leaves your skin moisturized and silky smooth.

Our soaps are available with fragrance oils or essential oils for scents and all colours are achieved from using mineral based mica colourants.

BUT we also offer our Signature Plain soap which is just the basic 3 ingredients, no scents, no colour, just pure, wholesome goodness.

Image by Jarren Simmons
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