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Red Wattle Hogs


Here at SweetHaven, it is our privilege to raise Red Wattle Hogs. They are an amazing breed of heritage pigs, originating right here in North America. Due to the increase in industrial pig farming, the pork industry has opted more for the fast growing breeds of pigs, and as a result the Red Wattle breed was nearly extinct a few years ago and is still on the threatened list.


By being able to offer this breed of pig to our local customers we are able to do our part to help sustain this breed. We no longer breed our own pigs, but buy weaned piglets from a fellow Ottawa Valley farm, and raise them here for the better part of a year.

The Red Wattle is named for its red colour and the distinctive wattles (tassels) on the side of its neck. Full grown hogs weigh in at 600-800lbs with large specimens able to reach 1200lbs, 4 feet in height and 8 feet in length. They take quite a bit longer than industrial breeds to reach butcher weight of about 280-300lbs (8+ months), but the results are well worth the wait.

They are excellent foragers, hardy in cold and hot temperatures, mild-mannered and disease resistant. They are known for their excellent mothering abilities, and can have litters of 10-15 piglets.

...And they produce a high-quality, marbled and succulent tender meat!

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