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Every animal on the farm serves a purpose and has a job to do, this is especially the case for these amazing creatures, the llamas.

Llamas are part of the camalid family, related to alpacas and camels, they originate in South America.

These animals are one of the most important crew members on the farm as they serve as guard animals for our sheep and goats. Most llamas (not all) have a guarding instinct for the animals in their herd; they are very alert and curious, they like to place themselves on high ground so they can survey their area and watch for predators. Our fence lines are worn down with the paths the llamas walk as they patrol, nothing escapes their notice.

They emit a high pitched warbling sound as a warning when a perceived threat is nearby, they herd their sheep away and if a predator should actually attack they can be very forceful in using their strong legs and hooves to stomp and kick.

But more often than not, just having a llama on pasture with the flock can be enough of a deterrent to a wandering coyote who may be looking for an easy meal as most predators will not risk attacking something if they aren't sure what it is. Whereas llamas aren't an everyday sight in the wild, they generally won't take the chance.

As well as being excellent guard animals, llamas produce great fibre and get sheared every two years. Their manure (Llama beans) is an amazing fertilizer, thanks to their three stomach system which generate a "cold manure" and can be place directly into your soil and will not scorch your plants. It is all we use on the farm to grow our awesome, all natural produce!


Check OUR PRODUCTS page to buy llama beans for your own garden, we include instructions on how to use the raw beans to make a "tea" to water your garden with, the results are stunning.

Check FOR SALE page under livestock to see what llamas we have available.


Dahli. Our Gelding.

Wally. Our Stud.




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