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SweetHaven Alpacas


Going to Peru?...Alpaca Bag

Meet the alpacas! These cute, fluffy and adorable critters are part of the camalid family, originally from South America. Other camalids include llamas, vicunas and camels.

Aside from their charming good looks, alpacas create spectacular fibre. Alpaca fibre is a specialty fleece that is stronger than mohair, fine like cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton, warmer than down, breathable, flame resistant, water resistant AND Hypoallergenic! Its the Superman of fibres.

On SweetHaven farm, we shear our alpacas annually and use this amazing fibre to create the softest yarn you can buy. We sell it as raw fibre, carded rollags, spun yarn and made into scarves and touques.

Check our FOR SALE page or contact us to see if we have any alpacas for sale.

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